A Modern Day Business Parable

Awarded 'Best Book' in the General Category by ASEAN Book Publishers Association

Raving Reader's Reviews

  • Chuan Lim

    ...more than an inspiring must-read and guide. It is a modern-day business parable. Now I need to place them in the hands of those the Lord is leading me to place them in...

    Chuan Lim
    Urban Planning, Australia
  • Lionel Ong

    I'd like to commend Kate's book – it's highly readable. I finished it within one day – last night! It shows Kate isn't a super saint; but the results are super.

    Lionel Ong
    Financial Advisor, Singapore
  • Associate Professor Ernest Chew

    Kate has woven her personal record of her spiritual pilgrimage into her account of her family's Polar Café business. It is a moving story of what Catherine Marshall call, "meeting God at every turn.

    Associate Professor Ernest Chew
    Historian, Singapore
  • Dr. Di Shearer

    A uniquely Asian voice... It is a great priviledge to peep into the secrets of her life. I found an artist who paints in very broad strokes and then provides a wealth of detail... fascinating to read again and again...

    Dr. Di Shearer
    Intercultural Communications Consultant, Australia